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Stay Safe This Fall and Winter

Posted on: November 17th, 2021 by Timothy Hendershot
It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s Seattle in fall and winter. Stay safe!

It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s Seattle in fall and winter. Stay safe!

Fall and winter are wonderful seasons in Edmonds and the surrounding Seattle area. However, the wet and cold weather can sometimes lead to hazards and potential injuries. To help keep you safe this fall and winter, the personal injury experts at Cunnane Law want to share some helpful tips.

Be Prepared for Snow

Yes, it does snow in Seattle! While the snow is unlikely to linger around for long, it does make the roadways much more dangerous. That’s why the Washington State Department of Transportation urges everyone to prepare ahead of time by packing your car with everything you’ll need if you get stuck, including water, gloves, a blanket, tire chains, and ice scrapers. Drivers are also encouraged to drive appropriately for the weather, slow down, and leave plenty of space between your car and other vehicles. During the winter, slick roads, snow shoveling, and the risk of frostbite are ever-present danger.


  • In the snow, drive carefully and avoid driving when the road conditions are very treacherous, and visibility is poor.
  • If you’re shoveling snow or going outside for any other reason, be aware of the risk of frostbite and take frequent breaks to keep your body temperature from dropping too low.

Carbon Monoxide Hazard

Carbon monoxide poisoning is most prevalent in December and January. During the winter, more fuel-heating appliances are used, and individuals are more inclined to start their automobiles in the garage to warm them up before going out into the cold, making Carbon monoxide poisoning more likely.

Those people who heat their homes with oil, propane, or natural gas should make sure their heating system is cleaned. If you don’t do so, carbon monoxide could creep into your home. Similarly, if you start your car in the garage to warm it up before leaving, make sure a window or door to the outside is open to let the fumes out.

We advise Washington State residents to purchase a CO detector to warn them if there is a CO leak in their home. And, of course, remember to replace the battery in your CO detector.

Slippery Conditions and Hot Water

Thousands of Americans are injured each year as a result of slip and fall accidents. Because of the slick, icy sidewalks and roadways, there is a heightened risk throughout the winter months. But there’s also another danger lurking within your house: bathtubs and showers. The appeal of a hot bath or shower is as strong as ever during the winter months. Moreover, it is as hazardous as ever: scalding or overly hot tap water causes at least 3,800 injuries each year. These mishaps are particularly risky for children under the age of five as well as the elderly.


  • When walking outside in areas where ice or slippery conditions may persist, use adequate footwear with non-skid soles.
  • Reduce your chance of hot water burns by setting your hot water heater’s temperature to 120°F or lower.

Have You Been Injured?

An injury can occur in any of the situations listed above as a result of your own negligence, but it can also occur as a result of someone else’s negligence. For example, the carbon monoxide monitor you just got may not work correctly due to design flaws. Or perhaps a neighbor may not have cleared ice as thoroughly as he or she should have, causing you to slip and fall.

If you have suffered a personal injury in Washington State due to circumstances beyond your control, consider speaking with an Edmonds personal injury attorney to about your case. To discuss the details of your accident and injuries, contact Cunnane Law personal injury attorneys online or by phone immediately.

Note: This information was provided not for any specific claim and is written in broad and general terms and may not be the right path to follow for a particular claim or case. This information is not intended to create an attorney client relationship. It is always best to receive direct legal counsel for your legal issues. It is never too early to call the attorney, but it can be too late.

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