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Case Results

Recent settlements achieved for personal injury and long term disability cases include:*

  • Full back benefits for female Microsoft code programmer over $35,000.00 against Prudential.
  • On claim and back benefits for 45-year-old female executive against Prudential.
  • On claim and back benefits for 42-year-old male formerly a system analyst with Boeing with psoriatic arthritis against Aetna.
  • Full back benefit for 51-year-old fireman against Cigna (non-Erisa).
  • Full back benefit and on claim for Microsoft contractor against MetLife.
  • On claim and back benefit for nurse against Liberty Mutual.
  • On claim and back benefit for school Janitor against MetLife.
  • On claim for bank manager against Metlife.
  • On claim and back benefit for 55-year-old UW Harborview patient coordinator.
  • On claim and back benefit for Petco assistant manager with Sjogren’s.
  • $8,500,000 for a mass tort Bad faith claim against Progressive Insurance. Case settled for $6,000,000 new money against Progressive. My client received $3,000,000 in new money (plus what she originally received) for this Bad Faith Auto Crash Claim against Progressive Insurance for failing to resolve my clients claim in a timely and good faith manner.
  • $440,000 gross settlement for a 30 year old crash victim with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS) ($10,000 offer from Underinsured motorist coverage was turned into $350,000 part of the settlement)
  • $350,000 for a motorcycle crash of 39 year old male
  • $75,000 for a 55 year old with a back injury
  • $956,294 for a ongoing injured person.
  • $531,000 from a Judges oral decision for a 43 year old painter who can no longer paint because of a back injury.
  • $275,000 for a 29 year old man who injured his back. His first attorney told him that he should settle for $30,000.
  • $228,000 for a man who was injured on the golf course. His retina was detached when a golf ball hit him.
  • $160,000 for a twenty year old woman who was suffering from Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS).
  • $160,000 for the estate of a woman, including the recovery of all available insurance proceeds.
  • $150,000 for a couple that called my office after suffering from a low speed impact. They received all available insurance proceeds.
  • $125,000 for a pre-school teacher who injured her left arm.
  • $125,000 for a 47 year old woman who works as a real estate agent.
  • $111,300 plus $10, 000 towards medical bills paid from Pemco Insurance for a 40 year-old woman client.
  • $100,000 and more for a injured motorcycle client whose original offer was $16,900.
  • $85,000 for a 33 year old male who suffered a shoulder injury from an auto accident. After reading my free report, he wisely decided not to fight the insurance companies on his own.
  • $65,000 for a man whose teeth were injured in a car crash. He received reimbursement for his expenses plus a fair settlement for his other losses.
  • $50,000 settlement for a female client injured in a car crash. She called our office and we represented her against Safeco Insurance.
  • Gross recovery of $ 42,000 from Community Transit and Hartford Insurance company for a for a 76 year old client.
  • $50,000 real estate settlement for breach of contract and failing to inform of a registered sex offender for a home-owner couple.
  • $42,000 for a female client who was struck by an uninsured drunk driver. She was denied coverage under her car insurance. At least three other attorneys told her she had “no” case. She called my 800 number for a free report and hired me. I was able to find coverage, a great result and one happy client.
  • $47,500 settlement for a 29-year-old man.
  • $24,500 settlement for a 20 year female client with $6,000 in medical bills.

We fight hard for our clients. Call for a complimentary consultation to find out how we can fight for you. Cunnane Law Office 425-672-7100.* Note: Of course, each case is different and past performance is no guarantee of future results. No guarantees can be made, but we will work hard for you.

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