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Common Causes of Personal Injuries in Spring

Posted on: March 28th, 2022 by Timothy Hendershot
Spring means warmer weather, more time outdoors, and sometimes, more painful personal injuries.

Spring means warmer weather, more time outdoors, and sometimes, more painful personal injuries.

Due to the weather conditions and the types of activities that people engage in, each season has a different type of personal injury accident that is most common to that season. People frequently engage in more outside activities as the Seattle area weather warms up in the spring. During the spring season, some of the most prevalent causes or types of personal injury accidents are listed below.

Automobile Accidents

As people resume long-distance travel in the spring, the number of motor vehicle accidents tends to rise. Motor vehicle collisions can result in a wide range of injuries, including fractured bones, soft-tissue injuries, whiplash injuries, neck and back injuries, head/brain injuries, and spinal injuries.

Accidents at a Swimming Pool

Public and private swimming pools open as the spring season advances. Failing to take care around pools is a primary cause of personal injury accidents. Accidents such as slips and falls, diving accidents, and drownings are all common around pools. Broken bones, head injuries, and possibly traumatic brain injury can all result from these accidents.

Dog Attacks and Bites

Because more people are out for walks, dog owners often take their pets for walks or take them to parks to run and play with other dogs. Unfortunately, some dogs are more prone to attack or bite another pet or human because they are not well-trained or socialized. Even a dog that has previously been well-behaved can lash out for no apparent reason. Any injuries caused by a dog bite or attack to people or other pets are solely the responsibility of the dog owner. Dog attacks can cause lacerations, fractured bones, and soft tissue injury, as well as infection from a bite.

Accidents on Construction Sites

Spring marks the start of the building season, with many outdoor projects getting underway to take advantage of the warmer weather. Construction sites, of course, present plenty of dangers to both workers and passers-by. Slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accidents, falls from heights, injuries from falling objects, motor vehicle or equipment accidents, fires and explosions, and electrocutions are all examples of construction accidents. Construction site owners and managers have a responsibility to keep construction sites as safe as possible and minimize the risk of accidents for workers and the general public.

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