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In a Yellow Light Accident Who is at Fault?

Posted on: August 31st, 2022 by Marcel Colon
Yellow light accidents are common, but determining fault can be tricky.

Yellow light accidents are common, but determining fault can be tricky.

You are still at risk of being involved in a major accident, even if you are a cautious and safe driver. There are numerous ways that car accidents can occur, with yellow light accidents being one of the more common types of collision. This makes us ask, “In Washington, who is to blame for a yellow light collision?”

Here is a summary by our Edmonds car accident attorneys, of the most critical facts that drivers in Washington should know regarding yellow light collisions.

Understanding Yellow Light Accident Fault

A yellow light is officially a warning light, warning motorists to slow down because the light is going to turn red. Of course, the message that most people receive is more along the lines of “hurry up, get through this light before it turns red.”

While yellow light accidents might take many different forms, the majority of them have one thing in common. One car is traveling straight, another is trying to make a left turn, and both are attempting to get through the intersection before the light changes to red.

Who is to blame for a left turn accident at a red light? The general rule is that the driver turning left is to blame for the accident. All drivers have a legal responsibility to make sure that the road is clear and that they have enough time to safely navigate the intersection before making a left turn.

Despite that, all yellow light accidents must be examined on an individual basis. Other factors, such as speeding, distracted driving, or other reckless driving maneuvers, could also shift the blame. Drivers may even share responsibility for a yellow light crash in some cases.

Evidence is Crucial if Fault is Disputed

It is critical to understand that Washington is a fault-based jurisdiction for car accidents. A plaintiff must be able to demonstrate that the other driver is to blame for the accident.

If the cause of your yellow light collision is disputed, you must consult with an experienced car accident attorney who will be able to assist you in taking action to investigate the collision and obtain all relevant evidence.

Everything from police reports, photographs, statements from witnesses and expert testimony can be included. The sooner you retain the services of an attorney, the easier it will be to collect and present important evidence.

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Note: This information was provided not for any specific claim and is written in broad and general terms and may not be the right path to follow for a particular claim or case. This information is not intended to create an attorney client relationship. It is always best to receive direct legal counsel for your legal issues. It is never too early to call the attorney, but it can be too late.

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