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It Was a Minor Car Crash, Do I Need a Lawyer?

An good car crash lawyer can help you after an car crash – even a minor one.

An good car crash lawyer can help you after an car crash – even a minor one.

Is a lawyer necessary? This is a question many people ask themselves after any type of collision. Individuals may consider a legal representative unnecessary when injuries and damages are minor. There are those who believe there is no reason for a lawyer, and others who may not know that after a car crash they are entitled to a lawyer. However, when any type of collision occurs it is important to contact a professional for assistance, such as the team at Cunnane Law.

Accidents are traumatic and unexpected, causing a situation that involves time, money and energy to deal with. To help ensure that a victim is compensated for the damages suffered in a collision, it is important to obtain an expert car crash lawyer who will be sure to accomplish all the processes correctly and in a timely manner.

Common Situations for Obtaining a Lawyer

  • Legal representation should be considered when there is a dispute about who is responsible, or liability is unclear. Discovering what chain of events led to the injury and clearing any dispute about liability may be assisted by organizing evidence.
  • If there is mostly vehicle damage, an examination by an inspector may be required.
  • If an individual has been served with documentation involving a lawsuit, immediately contact a lawyer to protect one’s legal rights and avoid forfeiting rights.
  • Because adjusters tend to offer less than expected for repairs to property, and for long-term injuries requiring extensive medical treatment, a lawyer should review these settlements to see if they are acceptable. If all the treatment and medical procedures are not covered by the payment, a renegotiation is usually necessary.
  • Countless insurance claims are denied. The reason for companies denying these claims could be technicalities which may be minor or inconsequential, but still cause pain and suffering due to stress. Denials can be contested by a lawyer so entitled compensation for those who have been injured is received.

Hiring a Car Crash Lawyer

No matter how minor injuries sustained in a traffic accident may be, the person should seek a lawyer who is knowledgeable about personal injury and liability to provide legal representation. The retained lawyer should have a working knowledge on different medical procedures that may be implicated, as well as on motor vehicle claims. The legal representative’s case history and reputation are important.

Cunnane Law in Edmonds are expert car crash attorneys. Contact us today, even if you think your accident was minor. You may be in danger of missing out on important and valuable compensation for your damage and any injuries. Don’t go it alone. Let Cunnane Law fight for you.

Note: This information was provided not for any specific claim and is written in broad and general terms and may not be the right path to follow for a particular claim or case. This information is not intended to create an attorney client relationship. It is always best to receive direct legal counsel for your legal issues. It is never too early to call the attorney, but it can be too late.

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