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GPS Systems May Cause Distracted Driving Accidents


All of us have depended on our GPS Systems one time or another to get us somewhere when we are driving in an unfamiliar area. You may have experienced technical difficulties with your GPS such as the screen changing over to a battery recharge screen while mid path or maybe it thinks you are on a road that is actually an overpass. I have even had my GPS tell me to turn onto a one-way road going the wrong way. All of this brings me to one question, do GPS Systems cause distracted driving accidents?

The answer is yes. The following are a few tips for utilizing your technology to stay convenient and keep you safe.

If you are programming a GPS while driving then it is just as bad as texting while driving. Always program your GPS while parked before you head out on the road.

Make sure your GPS is fully charged before you head out on the road to avoid losing your route mid path.

If you have a passenger in your vehicle, have them navigate the system for you so that you are not distracted.

If you are using an old system then make sure your maps are up to date. It is recommended that you download new maps every 1 – 2 years for construction changes. Otherwise you might end up driving into something that may no longer be a road.

Never mute your GPS. Voice commands will help keep your eyes on the road and decrease your chances of getting into an accident.

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