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5 Tactics Used by Insurance Adjusters

file0002059106607Insurance adjusters try to confuse, frustrate, and even pressure you into saying something that could potentially damage your claim. The following are tactics used by insurance adjusters to accomplish just that.

Tactic #1 – First Call:  Insurance adjusters will contact a victim to settle a claim immediately for a very small amount of money. They want to meet with you right away because an injured person may not be aware of all their damages until several months down the road so this is the prime time for an insurance adjuster to settle claims.

Tactic #2 – Failing to Reveal the Amount of Insurance Coverage:  A claims adjuster may fail to disclose all insurance coverage available to pay for your injuries or lie about the amount. For instance, if you have an excess insurance policy it will cover claims that go over the original insurance policy amount. A savvy lawyer will know how to obtain this information to make sure their client receives their fair share.

Tactic #3 – The Squeeze:  Victims are discouraged to seek legal assistance because insurance adjusters will drag out the payment process for as long as possible. Their objective is to pay you the least amount possible so they will make if financially difficult for you to keep up the fight.

Tactic #4 – The Wild Goose Chase:  Insurance adjusters will request mountains of paperwork if you decline their initial offer so that the case can be properly evaluated. They will have you gather years of past medical records that have nothing to do with your current injuries. Much of what they request will have nothing to do with the actual claim. They do this in order to make your life miserable and frustrate you enough to the point where you accept their initial offer.

Tactic #5 – Challenge the Need of Medical Treatment: Let’s say your doctor has determined, based on a physical examination, that you need an MRI of your neck to rule out the possibility of a herniated disk. The claims adjuster might feel that this was not “medically necessary”. Further, they might claim that your physical therapy should have only taken  four weeks instead of eight so they deny payment.

If you are getting the run around from an insurance adjuster contact a qualified attorney of personal injury law.

The Cunnane Law Office has provided this content for informational purposes only.  You should refer your questions to a personal injury attorney.


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