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What if I’m in an Accident?

car-crash_420-420x0Everyday millions of people’s lives change across the country due to accidents. These lives are cut short due to someone else’s carelessness as they drive under the influence, text or simply don’t pay attention. Unfortunately these people simply do not understand what course of legal action to take and what they are legally entitled to.

The following is a typical scenario of what tends to happen after an accident:

1. You are taken to the emergency room by ambulance.
2. Your car will be towed from the scene of the accident to an impound yard.
3. Book an appointment for your car to be looked at by a repair specialist.
4. Get three written estimates.
5. If your car is totaled you’ll want to get “fair market value” for your car.
6. Start looking for a new car.
7. If your car can be repaired you’ll want to make sure that it’s done correctly.
8. Rent a car for the next four to six weeks.
9. Pick up the police report.
10. Fill out mountains of paperwork.
11. Call various toll free numbers then wait, and wait, and wait some more.
12. Worry about your insurance rates going through the roof.
13. Give a recorded statement (please read my book before you give any statement).
14. Make an appointment to be evaluated by your doctor.
15. Start treating for injuries.
16. Make sure all of your paperwork is filled out correctly so the ambulance provider and doctors are promptly paid.
17. Keep up with all your physical therapy and rehabilitation appointments.
18. Lose time away from work.
19. Make sure that you are able to keep up with the bills, feed your family, and meet obligations.

This leaves one huge question, who will pay for this? Receiving payment for wage loss, medical bills and permanent injury can be a lengthy process even if you have “full coverage”. An insurance adjuster will likely be on the phone within days or weeks of the collision to get a recorded statement so they can settle your claim for pennies on the dollar. It is important to talk to a qualified attorney before saying or signing anything.

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