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The Check List

The following eleven point check list has been designed to help you evaluate  the aptitude and ability of the personal injury lawyer you are thinking of hiring. If you are unsure who to hire meet with multiple lawyers and then compare notes.


 Attorney/Firm Information

Name of the Law Firm: ________________________________________

Name of attorney being reviewed: _______________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ Zip Code:  _________

Phone Number: ______________________________________________

E-mail address:  ______________________________________________


Eleven Point Check List:

1. Who Will Be Handling My Case?

___  You

___   An Associate

___   Paralegal

___   Someone I Have Never Met


2. Amount of Experience:

___  Extremely Seasoned (15+ Years)

___   Well Established (11-15 Years)

___   Outstanding (6-10 Years)

___   Good (3-5 Years)

___   New (1-2 Years)


3. Type of Law Practiced:

___   Exclusively Handles Personal Injury Work

___   General Practice That Includes:

___   Divorce

___   Real-estate

___   Bankruptcy

___   DUI

___   Criminal Defense

___   Other: _____________________________

___   Occasionally Handles Personal Injury Cases

4. How Will You Inform Me Of My Case?

By Letter E-mail Phone Call How Often? _________________________

Can I Call You? Yes No When? _________________________________

Will I Be Able To Meet With You? Yes No How Often? ______________

When Will You Contact My Doctor For Medical Records? ____/___/___


5. Have You Handled Other Cases That Are Similar To Mine?


Yes What Kinds Of Results Did You Have? ______________________

No How Would You Handle My Case? _________________________


6. Have You Taken Cases To Trial?

Yes / No

If Yes, What Results Did You Have? ____________________________


7. Client Comments:

___   Clients Rave About the Attorney and Law Firm.

___   Testimonials Are Not Readily Available.


8. The Lawyers Ability To Answer My Concerns:

___   I Felt Reassured During The Initial Consultation.

___   I Was Completely Lost During The Consultation.


9. Listening Skills:

___   The Attorney Seemed Very Compassionate Towards My Case And Put Me At Ease.

___   The Attorney Seemed Uncaring And Was Quick To Rush Me Out The Door.


10. How Was I Treated By The Support Staff (Front Desk Receptionist, Associates, Paralegals, and Assistants):

___   The Support Staff Was Kind, Courteous, and Friendly.

___   The Support Staff Was Indifferent Towards Me.


11. How Did I Feel After The Initial Consultation:

___   I Felt Confident That I Was In Good Hands.

___   I Left The Office Feeling Overwhelmed And Totally Confused.

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