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How Stress Affects Healing

file4801275587119After an accident, hospital bills may begin to pile up while you are out of work due to injuries sustained in the collision. Stress is a natural response when our outlook may seem bleak. In short durations, stress keeps us alert and helps us to avoid danger by giving us a burst of energy that allows us to run or fight; but what happens when this stress builds up without relief?

Stress hormones can slow the delivery of nutrients that heal the body. What this means is that wounds will take much longer to heal when a person is experiencing excessive stress. Furthermore, prolonged stress can lead to other physical problems. Stress can become harmful when it leads to physical symptoms such as headaches, chest or back pain, elevated blood pressure and problems sleeping. Stress also weakens the immune system leaving a person vulnerable to further illness.

The solution is to relax, stay in the present and clear your mind of all the mental chatter. In the next article I will explore ways to limit stress in your life.

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