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We Are Your Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys in the Seattle Area

Look out! Distracted driving accidents are common and dangerous.

Look out! Distracted driving accidents are common and dangerous.

It’s unsurprising that in an age where we have apps, email, the Internet, and Smartphones at our fingertips, we’ve become accustomed to multitasking and staying connected at all hours of the day. Even with this access, though, there is one area where we must disconnect and that’s behind the wheel.

Distracted driving, which includes mobile phone use, is exceedingly dangerous, frequently resulting in serious injury or death not only to the distracted drivers, but also those around them.

If you’re in the Seattle area and you’ve been harmed in a distracted driving accident, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to get the compensation you deserve. Don’t put off filing your claim; contact the Cunnane Law Offices today!

Distraction Types

Any distraction that takes your attention away from the road, even if it’s only for a second, increases your chances of crashing.

There are three Distracted driving categories:

  • Visual – shifting your focus from the road
  • Manual – removing your hands from the steering
  • Cognitive – distracting your mind away from the road

If you do any of these things, you could find yourself in serious trouble. It is critical that you remain alert not only for your own safety but also for the safety of others around you.

Using Your Cell Phone

Because of the dangers of using a cell phone while driving, Washington has made it illegal.  However, if you are at least 18 years old, you may use your cell phone as long as you use it hands-free. Minors are not permitted to use a cell phone in any way for any reason, as this age group is more likely to use their phones while driving. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 39 percent of high school students who drove over a period of 30 days texted or emailed on at least one of those days.

Texting, calling a number, and chatting on a cell phone can increase the chance of crashing by three times. While this may appear to be a dramatic statement, consider this: If your eyes are taken off the road for 5 seconds to send or read a text, this would be the equivalent of driving the length of a football field while blindfolded at 55 mph.

So, How to Avoid a Distracted Driving Accident?

While we cannot prevent all distracted driving accidents, we can reduce the likelihood of accidents caused by distracted driving by remembering the following.

  • Do not attempt to multitask.
  • Use an app that alerts those attempting to contact you that you are driving.
  • If a driver appears to be distracted, ask them to focus on the road.
  • Assist a driver with navigation so they don’t need to consult a map
  • Set a good example for your children by refraining from distracted driving.

We Advocate for Those Injured by Distracted Drivers.

While we understand that no amount of money can make up for the fact that you were injured in an accident, it is critical that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled in order to move forward with your life.

Distracted driving accidents require expertise in personal injury law and insurance law, both of which we specialize in. These cases frequently necessitate tense and potentially hostile confrontations with your own insurance. We can assist you in navigating this delicate situation.

When involved in a distracted driving accident, the most important thing to remember is to act quickly. Contact the Cunnane Law Office right away to set up a free consultation to discuss your options. We will work to ensure that you or a loved one receives the maximum amount of compensation possible.

Note: This information was provided not for any specific claim and is written in broad and general terms and may not be the right path to follow for a particular claim or case. This information is not intended to create an attorney client relationship. It is always best to receive direct legal counsel for your legal issues. It is never too early to call the attorney, but it can be too late.

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